16 January 2017

08 April 2011

2011 - Birthcards

2009 - Brainbelt - This for that

A small project about interesting, weird, funny, scary etc. trades I found on the web. It makes you wonder what value things
have and who actually decides this.... 

2005 - Ireland

I took these two photographs while staying in Dublin for a couple months back in 2005. The photo on the top was a surrealistic
living room view I captured at a friends house. And the picture on the bottom was taken somewhere whilst traveling through
central Ireland.

2002 - Visual Experiment

These photo's were part of a movement experiment, which we had to explore at our photography class back in 2002 at art
school. These are actual photographs, of photographs of photographs from a book by Veronique Vial.

2006 - Schermen met Letters

This project about dyslexia was supposed to have an animation as an end result, but as at the time my animation skills were
not developed at all, it ended up becoming a printed artwork made up from loose frames carefully displayed on a flat surface.

2010 - Jazz Rocks

Meet my sweet mum! On these photographs she's already in her 60's. The best model (and mother ; ) I could ever ask for,
always in for everything, super open minded and never questioning any of my crazy ideas. For this set of photographs she
was totally cool with me painting a trumpet like shape on her face & neck and headbanging like crazy!