08 April 2011

2011 - Birthcards

2009 - Brainbelt - This for that

A small project about interesting, weird, funny, scary etc. trades I found on the web. It makes you wonder what value things
have and who actually decides this.... 

2005 - Ireland

I took these two photographs while staying in Dublin for a couple months back in 2005. The photo on the top was a surrealistic
living room view I captured at a friends house. And the picture on the bottom was taken somewhere whilst traveling through
central Ireland.

2002 - Visual Experiment

These photo's were part of a movement experiment, which we had to explore at our photography class back in 2002 at art
school. These are actual photographs, of photographs of photographs from a book by Veronique Vial.

2006 - Schermen met Letters

This project about dyslexia was supposed to have an animation as an end result, but as at the time my animation skills were
not developed at all, it ended up becoming a printed artwork made up from loose frames carefully displayed on a flat surface.

2010 - Jazz Rocks

Meet my sweet mum! On these photographs she's already in her 60's. The best model (and mother ; ) I could ever ask for,
always in for everything, super open minded and never questioning any of my crazy ideas. For this set of photographs she
was totally cool with me painting a trumpet like shape on her face & neck and headbanging like crazy!

2009 - Transforming Attitudes - programme booklet

This typographical programme booklet was designed for a Transgender Human Right Conference and Educational 
Seminar organised by TENI (Transgender Equality Network Ireland). I tried keep the design pretty clean but also 
with a hint of playfulness.

2010 - Visual Experiment

Analogue Photoshopping experimentations.

2006 - Dobré Ráno / Welterusten

This is a small personal project I made for my Czech ex-boyfriend at the time we were both living in different countries. 
A pillowcase with my eyes in black and white printed on it. On one side my eyes being open en on the other my eyes 
being closed. I named the project 'Dobré ráno / Welterusten' meaning Good morning (in Czech) / Goodnight (in Dutch).

2010 - Visual Experiment

Swans swans swans...

2009 - Marilyn - business cards & letterhead

Marilyn asked me to come up with a proposal for a business card and letterhead for her. She wanted to keep it simple. So 
tried to play with her initials and tried to make something simple yet elegant. (The contact details on the image below have 
been changed).

2009 - Český Talent identity

Český Talent is an organisation which is awarding Czech individuals or companies who have a special talent. There are 
five categories in which they can be awarded: Economy & Business / Art & Music / Theatre & Film / Social Science / 
Inventions. Studio Marvil was asked to come up with a logo and identity for this organisation. The images below are 
showing a selection from the final proposal: pins / business cards / front print envelope / T-shirt / shirt) I designed
while I was working for Studio Marvil.

2009 - Cadbury Chocolate Wrap - competition entry

My entry for a design competition organised by Cadbury Ireland. Brief : design a chocolate bar wrap with the theme 'Irish life'.

2009 - CM

This was my proposal for a pitch for designing the corporate identity of CM. I actually really enjoyed working on this project, 
but it also made me wonder wether that was a good thing on not... As design wise it stood miles apart from the things I normally 
love to create.

2009 - Festival of World Cultures ( Dún Laoghaire ‎/ IE )

2008 - Bionaut

Bionaut is an art house film production company in Czech Republic. They wanted to have a new website, business cards and a film spot for in the cinema. I have been working on all these applications using the logo and especially the bionaut icon (which was earlier designed by Side2 as a key element in all the designs). As the Bionaut icon will very likely be redesigned in the nearby future, none of these design were approved...

2008 - TACE

This project was a really nice one to work on, even though it was just a proposal for a pitch and unfortunately it never has been realized.

Among other studio's we were asked to come up with a logo, business cards, letterhead and flyers for an organisation which was documenting Theater Architecture in the Central Europe region. (TACE). After making many many sketches I came up with the logo (you can see it in the right bottom corner of the posters). A very simple box holding the T (from theater) inside the box, the A (from architecture) on one of the outsides of the box and the CE as a sort of shadow next to it representing the a play.

I took the whole concept a bit further and also made a whole series of posters using manly recycle paper, silkscreening and the colour magenta and black & white. On the posters (and flyers) I was using the concept of the logo in a slightly different way. There where outlines of different theatre buildings from that region and next to them funny little shadows which would show the idea that theater can take you anywhere to any location for a moment. And underneath each building & shadow combination it would say the name of the building, the location and the name of a play (for instance: National Theatre, Prague, Romeo & Juliet). There could be the same building showing more then once, but having different shadows and there also could be a shadow shown more then once but being connected to different buildings. On top of everything there was the big strong typography.

Above you can see some of the (details of the) poster proposals (There were many more colour / print combinations)

2008 - Josef Rosen

For Czech actor Josef Rosen, I designed a set of 20 different business cards while doing an internship at Designiq in Prague. As an actor plays different characters all the time I thought it would be nice to design many different cards. Still I though they would have to be somehow designed within one style as the cards are belonging to the person behind all those characters. All personal details above have been changed

2009 - Gig

2007 - Editora covers

These are two design proposals for a book covers I made during and internship in Czech Republic

2006 - Experiment

2007 - Boris

2007 - I like magazine

This was the main part of my graduation project at the art academy. The project was based around a magazine called 'I like' (in combination with a name of a person). The concept of the magazine was that each issue would be about a different creative person (in the widest meaning of the word creative), picked by the central person of the previous issue. Each issue, being a sort of time document, would be divided into different sections (i am / point of view (they got a disposable camera from me) / locations / my works / inspiration / people / art and design / books and other kinds of print / live performances / films / sound and music / second skin / things that fit nowhere else section / the next issue / ps ) which contained material provided by the 'main character' of the issue. If they didn't want to add anything in a certain section, the page would be left blank. Each issue would have the same format (the size of the magazine was set, but the amount of pages was completely in the hands of the main character each time), the typography on the cover and the label on the side were also set and so were the 15 sections. This to have a sort of minor identity for the magazine itself.

I picked my friend Karin den Dekker, a Dutch Photographer, as the main character for the first issue. And she picked Nishiko, a Japanese Fine Artist living in Holland for the second issue.

There was total freedom in the way the main character would interpret the titles of the given sections. So Karin gave me boxes filled with material like books, letters, photographs, little drawings objects, shoes and many other things. While Nishiko gave me hardly anything. It was very interesting as Karin's issue became very visual and filled with interesting things, she was interested in at that moment, while Nishiko's issue became very minimal. She gave me just a handful of things like little single lines of text. And as for her portfolio she didn't want to show it, so I did design the pages of her portfolio for the 'my works' section and printed them, but then glued those pages together. Every design solution had been carefully discussed with the main character of an issue.

It was a very interesting project to me as during my time at the academy I never really worked with material from other people (I was used to create my own images all the time) and this way I was forcing myself just to work with material from other people. It still involved a lot of designing, as I had to order everything, arrange everything and take hundreds of pictures and work with them on the computer, put everything together and make it look as much as possible like the person it's was about.

In between this text you can see some images from the first issue about Karin (I will add some pictures from Nishiko's issue when I get back to Holland). Most pages in her issue where in black and white and some in colour as she was going through a big change in her life at that moment. She was interested in many things at that point but not everything was  so important to her then, so the colour represented the things which where important to her in the present and the black and white things where more on the background at that moment.

Now I am writing this text I have to say that the concept is still very interesting to me, so I might continue with it in the future, perhaps in a slightly different way.

2007 - Playing with reality

I designed this book for my graduation thesis. The theme I chose was playing with reality. More information about this coming later.

2006 - The Tragic Death of Helvetica

The beginning of the Typographical Cabaret went something like this. After a short but funny interview between Mr Helvetica and Typeradio (you can listen to that here) in the foyer of the theatre, the audience was slowly walking in to the theater space. On the stage was a couch and two of the actors were sitting on it, observing the entering audience. Behind them there was a projection saying something like 'you are late, the show has already started'. Slowly the audience finds it's seats, The actors are still staring at them and the projection behind them is giving the instruction now for the audience to take the white piece of paper (with a big black letter on it) which was laying underneath their chair and hold it above their heads. Then there is a live projection seen behind the actors, of the audience holding up the papers and together forming the title of the show (the whole thing repeats but with a black paper and a white letter on it) and so with a little bit imagination you can read from the loose pieces of the papers which are being held up: 'The Tragic Death of Helvetica, A Typographical Cabaret / Presented by / Multiple Master and the Fontasticles'. The atmosphere is nice and loose and as the actors stand up from the couch and carry it of the stage, the live projection stops and the last projected sentence can be read and it's saying something like: ' And now the real opening credits'.

Below you can see an overview from this stop-motion animation, the real opening credits. And a picture of the cast.

May 2006 | Opening credits, part of 'The Tragic Death of Helvetica' (a typographical cabaret) | Art academy project made together with Hannu Kyyriainen, Jiří Karásek, Isao Konuki, André Schubert, Ramon Avelino, Tomas Klaui, Floor Evers and Joffrey Hoijer | In collaboration with Gert Dumbar, Theater Zeebelt and Typeradio | And winning two design awards in Finland! | Made in Holland

2004 - North sea jazz

2002 - Ovidius

A photograph of a collage I made during my early days at art school. I love how this creepy looking face popped up on the 
right side of this photograph. I really enjoy working with the unexpected while playing and experimenting, being surprised 
by things I didn't plan ahead.

2002 - Inspiration project

This must have been one of the first somewhat larger projects I made during my studies at the art academy back in 2002. 
The assignment was to play with language within the building of the school. I wanted to play with the word 'inspiration' 
as it can strike sometimes at the most unexpected moments, not always being clear where it actually came from. Some-
times even the smallest spot on an blank white wall could trigger our creativity. 

For this project it started of with a white painted wall where slowly over time the word 'inspiratie' (inspiration in Dutch) 
appeared due to pieces of paint and paper slowly pealing of the wall...